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Tundo Intros IP Telephony Developers' Kit For Next Gen Telephony Applications Tundo Corporation introduced the Tundo Network Telephony System Developers' Kit (SDK), which enables developers, independent software vendors, and systems integrators to enable legacy telephony applications for use over data networks and to develop new voice over IP applications. The SDK package consists of a complete IP telephone system including two copies of the Tundo Distributed Open Telephony Server, a Tundo Gateway, and two Tundo Telport telephone access modules for $2,995.Based on the Windows NT platform, Tundo's Network Telephony System offering provides an open and scalable migration path from legacy voice systems to IP and network-based systems. By utilizing standard and accessible business technologies, the Tundo SDK allows any organization to build and deploy IP telephony solutions.The Tundo design utilizes open standards such as H.323, H.450, HTTP, CSTA, and SNMP to support components from multiple vendors, system interworking, and applications integration. This gives customers and developers flexibility in creating solutions that can build on customers' existing legacy telecom infrastructure and IP networks to lower operating costs and increase functionality. The underlying capabilities are delivered by the new telephony operating system.

Latitude, Microsoft Demonstrate Unified Voice and Data Conferencing For Exchange 2000 Server Latitude Communications has announced MeetingPlace Exchange Gateway, an option that allows its industry leading MeetingPlace solution to interoperate with Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server. Latitude and Microsoft are also demonstrating interoperability between MeetingPlace, Outlook 2000, Office 2000, and Exchange 2000 Server. MeetingPlace is Latitude's real-time collaboration solution that enables "virtual meeting" capabilities by integrating voice and data conferencing at the desktop.With MeetingPlace, users can easily schedule and attend meetings, share and edit documents, and record content through familiar applications such as Web browsers or groupware applications such as Outlook 2000. Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server includes an integrated conference management architecture that allows interoperability with third party products and includes data conferencing services that enable application sharing, whiteboarding, and chat using Microsoft NetMeeting, which can be integrated into applications like MeetingPlace. Today's announcement is the latest in a series of announcements that support Latitude's strategy of integrating with Microsoft's collaboration products and technologies. MeetingPlace currently interoperates with Internet Explorer, NetMeeting, Outlook 97, Outlook 98, Outlook 2000, Exchange Server 5.0 or 5.5, and Office 2000.


Unisphere Ships Next Gen Voice-Data Switch Unisphere Solutions announced the general availability of the SMX-2100 Service Mediation Platform, a next generation switching platform for converged voice and data networks, which is currently undergoing testing at Telcordia Technologies, Intertek Testing Services, and BellSouth Technology Assessment Center. The SMX-2100 has been designed to provide the mediation required to transparently connect any service from any network - regardless of disparate signaling, access, and network technologies.The platform's arm into the PSTN (public switched telephone network) employs a distributed processing model that unbundles core voice switching from Class 5 switches, enabling new carriers and service providers to expand geographical coverage and customer base. It also allows service providers and carriers to offload traffic from digital switches directly to the Internet, manage peering agreements, and bundle voice and data service for enterprise customers.The SMX-2100 met the reliability benchmarks of the Network Equipment Building Systems (NEBS) standards that the carrier and service provider environments demand. Base system pricing starts at $104,000 and includes a chassis, SCE, CPE, and channelized DS-3 trunk/access module (DXM).

Vodavi Announces New Telecommunications System Software Vodavi introduced Feature Package 2.0, the latest version of the company's STARPLUS and infinite digital phone system software. This Feature Package 2.0 release provides customers with key enhancements that improve business and call center efficiency via Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) upgrades, and reduce hardware and maintenance costs with a new digitally integrated recorded announcer (RAN) and system management features.Under this release, Vodavi customers can now use their voice mail automated attendant as their RAN announcer, eliminating equipment costs. In addition, callers will now be given prompts informing them of their place in queue and hold time. Enhancements also include improved system maintenance and user administration features. This release adds features such as the ability for system administrators to conduct system programming from any telephone station, and the capability to assign call forwarding per station in system administration, thereby eliminating the need for users to program the call forward feature at the station set - especially useful in voice mail applications.Feature Package 2.0 will be commercially available October 1999 through authorized STARPLUS Triad and infinite dealers. The software upgrade is available at no cost for Vodavi's current installed base of customers.

ECI Telecom To Include ATM And IP Solutions In Toll-Quality Compression Family ECI Telecom is launching its new xTX family of telephony internetworking solutions. ECI Telecom's xTX family links multi-service, toll-quality DTX compression technology with state-of-the-art IP and ATM telephony processing and adaptation technology. The xTX product family delivers a complete range of patented, carrier-class, telephony internetworking and compression solutions offering toll- quality services to the network operator dealing with voice/data service convergence and network migration issues. The xTX family of solutions offers national, international, global, and emerging operators the ability to deploy new voice over IP and voice over ATM telephony services along- side their existing transport networks, as well as to extract maximum efficiency and revenue from every installed circuit. The same systems can interconnect to the world's existing TDM compressed networks using features like end- to-end compression, tandem-free operation, and advanced multi-protocol internetworking. Each system operates with the same hardware platform, network management, maintenance, back-office systems, call agents, and signaling gateway. The xTX family includes an integrated Call Agent to enable expedient migration from PSTN/ISDN-based networks to ATM or IP networks, as well as seamless integration with existing PSTN switches and Intelligent Network (IN) infrastructure. The xTX integrated Call Agent supports multiple SS7 and ISDN protocols and includes functions such as interworking call control, dynamic call routing, signaling conversion, control of media gateways, and generation of call detail records.

VocalTec, Cisco Join Bell Atlantic In IP Telephony Network Aimed At Wholesale VoIP ServiceVocalTec announced a contract with Bell Atlantic to take part in the development and implementation of a widescale Internet protocol (IP) telephony network. Bell Atlantic will use the network to provide wholesale voice over IP (VoIP) services to Internet telephony service providers (ITSPs). VocalTec will work with Cisco Systems on the project, and will supply its VocalTec Gatekeeper software. Last week, Cisco and VocalTec announced a joint development, marketing, and sales agreement to bring hybrid IP telephony solutions to ITSPs, Internet service providers, and carriers.VocalTec and Cisco will provide an end-to-end solution for handling pre- and post-paid VoIP calling services for Bell Atlantic. The project is one of multiple joint efforts already planned between the vendors. A highlight will be the use of Cisco's VoIP enabled-gateways interoperating with VocalTec's gatekeepers. The gatekeeper software will serve as the "nerve center" of the voice network, performing authentication, authorization, and accounting, allowing for flexible call routing and dialing plans, third party billing/management, centralized provisioning of gateways, and the addition of new and enhanced applications.

The joint agreement announced last week capitalizes on the Cisco Open Packet Telephony framework for voice services over a data infrastructure and VocalTec's IP voice services and enhanced solutions. Each company will promote the other's products via the Cisco New World Ecosystem program and VocalTec's sales and marketing channels. VocalTec will also become a global reseller and integrator of Cisco's VoIP and data communications equipment, utilizing its expertise in VoIP network design, customization, and deployment to create full turnkey solutions.

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